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Coronavirus Update - 19th March 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have been overwhelmed by the support and resilience shown by our clientele. These are pretty desperate times and small businesses like ours face many and mounting pressures, the likes of which we have never had to even plan for, let alone face. The fact that so many of our clients have shown sympathy with the position we are in is both heart-warming and humbling.

We are following all Government guidelines and assessing all options Like many of our fellow professionals in the leisure and hospitality industries, COVID-19 is having an increasing effect on the way our business operates. We are closely monitoring the messages from the UK Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation and continually assessing and reassessing the best options to protect the health of our staff and clientele, and the wider public. We are working on contingency plans We ask that all clients take heed of the Government advice regarding self-isolation in the event of the presence of any symptoms in themselves or family members. We will endeavour to work with clients on an individual basis in these circumstances, offering to defer their sessions or switch to online coaching as appropriate.

As of 19th March, this is our current position: - Gym-Based Training: The gyms are currently still open, and whilst they remain so, we will continue to offer a gym-based service to our existing clientele. All of our gym-based sessions will be on a no-contact, socially-distanced basis, so we will be suspending gym-based boxing sessions, and will not be offering assisted lifts or stretches for the immediate future. We implore our clientele to bring gym towels for their own personal use (which are hot washed after each session) and to make good and thorough use of the supplied anti-bacterial wipes and sprays. Due to the closure of schools, there may be a need to reschedule some of Luan's appointments to allow for childcare cover - please bear with us if this is the case.

- Outdoor Training: We will continue to offer outdoor training options for as long as we are able. For our gym-based clientele, these may well provide a substitute if the gyms should be forced to close, and this will be discussed with individual clients should the need arise. We can exercise in the open air, compliant with social distancing guidelines. This option remains open for individuals, couples, and groups of up to 4 individuals provided they themselves comply with any social distancing guidelines in travel to and from the session, and during the session itself.

- Online Coaching: Provided our coaches stay well, we will continue to offer online coaching options.

- Sports Massage Therapy: We have been operating with enhanced hygiene restrictions over the past couple of weeks without issue, but appreciate that individuals have concerns over the close contact that is inevitable with a massage treatment, and that it is likely that such practises will soon not be possible with enhanced precautions. On that basis, we will be suspending this service, provisionally for one month, until at least week beginning 20th April. Updates will appear on this platform of when we are starting to take bookings again.

Monthly Pay Clients: IMPORTANT

Please consider suspending your payments for April 2020. We know that this will impact severely upon our cash flow, but these are difficult times for everyone and we do not wish to take pre-payment from you for a month where training will likely be disrupted. We can take payments on a session-by-session basis and promise to ensure that you do not pay any more for those sessions than you would have done for your monthly one-off payment. (Those on block session pre-payment, or pay-as-you-go, please continue as normal)

Thank you again for your understanding and please look after yourselves and one another.

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