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Team TiTs!


Take two individuals from very different sporting backgrounds. Add a shared dream of one day becoming an Ironman, and a chance conversation. Sprinkle liberally with dedication, an unbreakable bond, a whole load of laughter and the odd tears... the resultant mixture formed into Team TiTs!  


The eagle-eyed and savvy will have already noticed that the Tailored Integrated Training brand name abbreviates to TIT - we know! When we first started training for Ironman, we felt that we needed a team name and opted for Team Tits!!! The TiT back then stood for Triathletes in Training but we loved the boost we got from wearing the TiTs T-shirts at events and so we have stuck with the team name ever since. We thought it would be great to have that little bit of our history reflected in the business name too cos we don't take ourselves that seriously!!!

Yes, we are now Ironmen - we evolved in a very short space of time and proved what could be achieved with the right mindset - but we are much more than that! Between us we have decades of experience in sport and a love and passion for all things outdoors that we would love to share with you. Join us and turn your fitness journey into the rewarding adventure it deserves to be!

We aim to offer a complete holistic  package for all of our clients, covering all their wellness and fitness needs, training plans and dietary advice as well as massage services to sooth those tense and aching muscles. So whether you are a run down, busy parent struggling to find a balance in life, a regular gym bunny who wants to shift up their routine, or a seasoned athlete searching for that extra 10% in their performance, we have services just for you! We offer online advice as well as appointments around the Wyre Forest District, including Stourport, Kidderminster and Bewdley.


Whilst involved in team sports throughout school, Luan always leant towards running. In her early thirties, she stepped up to marathon distance, and spent a decade running all distances from 10km to marathon. Following an illness in 2012, she found that the speed training she was used to no longer suited her body and made the step up to running longer (and slower!!). An ultra-runner was born and Luan has revelled in all things long and challenging ever since!! She can now describe herself as an ultrarunner, adventure racer and marathon swimmer as well as an Ironman triathlete! She has run in diverse conditions from crossing the sinking sands of Morecombe Bay to the baking sands of the Sahara Desert and brings that wealth of experience to her coaching. 

Luan quit the legal profession at the end of 2007 to concentrate on her coaching and personal training career and has never looked back!


Luan is the front-of-house face of Sort My Body. She is a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, with GP Referral Qualifications, and Diplomas in  (amongst others) Swedish Massage,  Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, and a Level 1 Triathlon Coach. She is  a qualified Spin Instructor, Studio Boxing Instructor and Circuit Training Instructor. She has experience working in conjunction with the NHS running Lifestyle Advice and Weight-loss services, and of working within Secondary Schools as a voluntary Mentor/Counsellor. She has additional qualifications in Counselling, Mental Health First Aid, and Suicide Prevention.



Lucy started her sporting career playing football, mainly to help out her Dad's girl’s football team who were always in need of a goalkeeper! In secondary school she transferred her goalkeeping skills to hockey and was very successful representing England at U18 and U21 level.

In 2013, a major car accident led to her being flown to Coventry Walsgrave Hospital with a fractured skull. She thankfully made a full recovery and as part of her mental and physical rehabilitation, she decided to take up running. Starting with very short distances, Lucy became hooked, and was determined to achieve greater distances and goals. Gradually the miles built through 5K, 10K, Half marathon, Marathon to her first 50km ultra distance run with Luan in August 2017. Then, along with Luan, she completed Ironman Wales in 2018, became a Marathon Swimmer later that year, and has continued to build on that endurance background ever since.


Lucy has extensive knowledge and expertise in the education sector, as a secondary school physical education teacher and Director of Sixth Form. She is also a Level 3 Qualified Sports Massage Therapist and Level 1 Triathlon Coach. Within the team here at SortMyBody, she has the very important job of being Luan's wife, and supports Luan when needed with the business side of things.

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