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A Cup Half-Full

It's been a weird few weeks here at Tailored Integrated Training's HQ, but I'm guessing the same goes wherever you are right now.

With all of our athletes' events being postponed for the foreseeable future, an inability to see anyone face to face, and a limit on the exercises we can prescribe, our 'working' lives have been severely curtailed. We are desperately missing the personal interaction and the buzz we get from working with you all on a daily basis. It really is true that energies are contagious!

With Luan employed full-time in the fitness industry, it has been a scarily uncertain time, and with the lock-down set to continue for some weeks at least to come, it is difficult to see a time when things return fully to normal. We have to admit to having had a few melt-downs about what the future holds.

But time can be such a great healer! We are now in a much calmer state of acceptance than we were when the lock-down first started, and we are really appreciating the positives that this period brings. We, and our immediate families, are all currently staying healthy. We are getting some precious quality family time together as a household, taking time to bake, craft and play games The weather through this period has been amazing, enabling us to get out and exercise in the wonderful fields and lanes next to our house. Our garden looks amazing, the household admin is up to date, and we are each doing additional training courses to upskill so that we return with even more to offer our clients!

We continue to work one-to-one with a number of our training and coaching clients, who keep us entertained with their resourcefulness and tales of 'woe' regarding the challenges we set them. (If anyone else would like to come on board at this time, we do have spare capacity!)

It is hard navigating the emotional load that the crisis places upon us, so we are consciously trying to nurture our mental health, spending time in nature, taking time out with a book, eating quality foods and spending time together... whatever it takes to keep us living in the here-and-now and stops us focussing on the uncertain future. We hope that you are all able to do the same.

Luan is in the process of compiling some resources to help people focus on different aspects of their fitness and well-being and will be starting a regular blog on here next week with links to exercises for strength, mobility, injury prevention etc, plus recipes we have tried, good books we have read and other shared knowledge. So follow this page in order to be kept up-to-date, and let us know if there is something specific you would like Lu to cover! Stay safe and stay well folks x x

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