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These lovely little hand soap bars are built around a shea butter formulation that is both gentle and long-lasting. They weigh in at about 50 to 55g and measure 5cm squared and about 2cm deep.


We use the same range of aromatherapy oils as in our hand balm range, making them the perfect skin-kind way to wash and care for your hands.


We stock a constantly varied range of oil blends, together with the option to have one made bespoke, all at just £2.50 per bar.


If you require a specific aromatherapy blend, please select it below or message us when ordering, otherwise a random blend will be sent.


Please note that, due to their gentle shea butter base, these soaps do not froth and foam when used. This does not affect their effectiveness in cleansing the skin.

Small Square Hand Soap (Original Hard Formula)

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