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These beautiful solid bars are built around a beeswax base, with added coconut oil and shea butter. We then add in a selection of aromatherapy oils before pouring them into the moulds.


To use, you simply pop it out of the tin, rub between the hands or direct onto the dry skin area - the warmth of your skin will melt it slightly releasing the waxes and oils. Then pop it back in the tin ready for next time.


These bars leave the skin soft, supple and replenished. They have proved extremely popular amongst our testing crew who have used them on dry and sore hands, elbows, knees and feet and even on eczema patches to great effect.


We stock a constantly varied range of oil blends, together with the option to have one made bespoke, all at just £8 per bar (with tin - see separate listing) or £7.50 for this refill.


If you require a specific aromatherapy blend, please select it below or message us when ordering, otherwise a random blend will be sent.

Bee Balm Bar (refill - no tin)

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