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Welcome to, your one-stop shop for fitness and wellness, covering your training, nutrition and recovery needs in one neat package.


Sort My Body is operated by Luan Dawkins-Wall, an independent, holistic lifestyle and wellness professional. Luan offers Customised Wellness, Fitness, Training and Support Packages for everyone from devoted Couch Potatoes to Multisport Athletes, and everyone in between.  The emphasis is on taking care of the whole individual, not just their training needs. So if you've ever felt bewildered by the myriad of different training options, intimidated by how fit everyone appears to be in the gym, confused as to why you keep getting injured, frustrated by way your diet plan is failing, or just frustrated by the groove into which your life seems to have settled, let Luan help to steer you in the right direction!

The main aim is to make you confident - confident in your body image, confident in your abilities, confident in your everyday life. Luan specialises in Holistic Athlete care covering Sports, Mindset and Life Purpose Coaching, Nutritional Advice, One on One and Group Personal Training, individualised One-on-One and Group Wellness Coaching, Sports and Remedial Massage and Hot Stones Massage, all tailored specifically to each individual's needs.  From complete novice to seasoned athlete, from the unfit to the super-fit, she can put together a care package that gets you started and keeps you performing, in life and/or in sport, year after year, getting you the results you deserve.

Luan covers Kidderminster, Bewdley and Stourport, plus outlying areas of rural Worcestershire.


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More Than Just a Personal Trainer

Despite coming from different generations, and different sporting backgrounds, we are both passionate about our sports and believe that everyone should enjoy sport whilst maintaining their health and work/life balance.


We understand that so much of our lives can affect how we feel every day and how we train, and that how we feel every day and how we train can affect our lives. To live a healthy fulfilling life (and to excel in our chosen sport/s) we need to get the balance right. Our mental health and mindset, our physical health, our sleep and rest, our nutrition and our training need to work in balance with the rest of our lifestyle in order for us to maximise our potential.  This is why we offer what we call our Integrated Approach - we are each professionally qualified across a range of disciplines to bring together all aspects of this balancing act. We aim to ensure you maintain balance and smash your lifestyle and fitness goals. The Tailored Integrated Training off-the-shelf packages described on these pages are just the start... we offer a fully bespoke service tailored to exactly meet your training needs - just Personal Training or Massage, just Coaching or Nutrition, or a combination of these services - just for fun, for weight-loss, for stress-relief, or for optimal sporting performance, a relaxing massage to help you de-stress, or an invigorating pre-event rub down, injury prevention or rehabilitation.... Whatever you feel you need, just ask! Our best value packages are the monthly-pay ones, where everything you need is covered by one payment, but we also offer individual sessions if you prefer.

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