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We are holding our breath... and trying not to get too excited!

With the country entering the second phase of lockdown on 13th May, the Government has given Personal Trainers the green light to potentially train individual clients outdoors, subject to adherence to social distancing and strict hygiene measures. This means that we can now legally start to look forwards to training you all in the great outdoors.

"Great!!" we hear you cry... either genuinely or ironically depending upon how much you have missed your training!!! "Let's get booked in!!"

We have to say that, having discussed it ourselves, and with a few fellow trainers, we feel it is a little too early just yet... the death-rate from the virus is still higher than when lock-down was enforced, and the guidance remains to only leave home and travel 'if you must'. We just don't feel totally comfortable bounding straight in to outdoor training mode.

We have therefore made the decision to provisionally open the books for outdoor training from 1st June. Priority is being given to existing clientele, and spaces are limited due to the need for us to travel between clients but we are hoping that it will give us the chance to get to see some of you 'in the flesh' once again.

We appreciate that the current economic position is impacting upon everyone and want to keep these sessions as affordable as possible, so the cost will be kept to £15 per half hour session for the whole of June, for any session scheduled within a 15 mile radius of Kidderminster town centre.

Anyone wishing to get booked in, please message Luan on 077 292 88318 with the times, days, location/s you would like to consider training and we will see about getting you booked in.

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